Walker Computer Services was formed in 1999 and we've had hands on experience with every version of Windows since Windows 3.1. For those of you that don't know, multitasking was the new thing back then. Now it's something we take for granted because every major operating system multitasks very well. It was also a time when we thought a 10 gigabye hard drive was huge. The internet was in its infancy, ISDN was high speed internet and the dot com crash was yet to happen.

We offer computer repair, upgrades, data recovery, custom programming, web hosting and church web presence for small churches. We also offer custom built computers. We also offer spyware, adware and virus removal. Web hosting and church websites are a new venture to our business but we have been doing the rest since 1999.

We make monthly contributions to different charities and organizations. When letting us serve your computer needs you are also giving back to the community. We match up to 100 percent of the contributions.

Our previous donations were:

Refer a friend.
We have recently started offering the "Refer a friend" program and it is going quite well. If you would like more information regarding the rules and what is included please see the official rules.