In 2010, Walker Computer Services was asked by a local church to develop a website for them. In doing so, we noticed that other commerial packages were just way too expensive for small churches that are wanting a web presence. We decided to offer a high quality site at a fraction of what other companies charge.

The site contains:

Feature Walker Computer Services Competition
Disk space 1 GB Varies (some dont even say)
Bandwidth 10 GB Varies
Setup fee $700 $1000 - $5000
Hosting $30 Month
(real web hosting)
$50 - $80 month
(not necessarily real hosting[1])
Maintenance fee $150 (Includes 5 hours and graphic work may be extra) Most are do it yourself
Domain name Included Included with some plans
First Year total $1,060.00
(Any maintenance fee extra)
$1,588.00 - 9,068.00
After First Year $360
(Any maintenance fee extra)
$588 - $1,068

Current customers using the website package.
Bowling Green, MO Presbyterian Church

Additional Information:

1 Some hosts just charge you for space on their server but don't allow you to create e-mail accounts, ftp accounts or any of the other things normally allowed by web hosting. We provide you with true web hosting.
2 If you choose to have us maintain your site (instead of using the simple interface we provide) then we will charge $35 per hour billed in full hour increments. The site control panel is very easy to use and full featured so that you can manage the site with in your church. Other companies may include some monthly maintenence and the maintenance fee includes their hosting and in some cases domain registration.